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At Sairam we are committed in sharing growth with you. We offer a lifetime opportunity whereby you can be a associate to Sairam by referring a trader to enroll with and become part of Sri Sairam groups.

Why ?

At Sri Sairam we believe the good way of advertising is word of mouth. Companies usually have a 10-20% budget for advertising and instead of spending it on media (newspapers, TV channels, etc.) we want adapting a unique way of sharing it with you for helping grow our business.

How it works ?

As a Sri Sairam Associate you keep earning for life every time a trader that you have referred trades with us. Every trade executed by a referral ensures that a sum of Rs 1.50 is automatically credited into your account. What's even better is that there is no limit on the number of traders that you can refer, meaning the more referrals you make, the more earning potential you can realize.
The table below illustrates how much you can potentially earn by becoming a Sri Sairam Associate.

You Refer Number of traders executed by your referred trader on a daily basis Earning per made You earn per day You earn per month You earn per year
25 traders   10 Rs.1.50 375 8250 99000
50 traders   10 Rs.1.50 750 16500 198000
100 traders 10 Rs.1.50 1500 33000 396000
200 traders 10 Rs.1.50 3000 66000 7920000

Earnings table above based on assumptions of 10 executed trades per day

Monthly earnings assume 22 trading days per month


Speak to a Sri Sairam Sales Executive or send us an email to to learn more.

** We may run special offers for all our clients from time to time, under those circumstances the sharing would be based on 10% of actual revenue generated at the end of the offer!

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